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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

IITB rocks !!

life has been very hectic over the last few days. i have to do so many projects , prepare for quizzes and end-terms . The term here is very short ( 7 weeks ) so this hardly leaves us with enough breathing space. We get marks for our stats test and i again i get average score !! i decide that at least until the end-terms, no more extra-currics for me. We again have a quiz coming up this friday and i have to do well in that .

I have been at IITB for over a month now. The atmosphere here is simply unbelievable. There is so much happning here, so much energy, so much enthusiasm . My percepetion of IITB was completely opposite . I had always thought that the students here would be geeks, totally devoting time to studies and doing nothing else. But ,this belief has been completely shattered . Everyday ( i am not exaggerating ) we have something new happening , either at hostel or in one of the numerous socieities. The B.Tech guys are very very enthusiatic about all the extra-currics. We have salsa workshops, quizzes, scavenger hunt, singing shows, rock shows, debates, essay wrirting, sports, cartoon competition, ads , dumbcharades, entrepreneurship events, guest lectures, matki phod, janmashatmi, LAN games, coding games, TechFest , Mood INdigo , Eureka and much much more. It is not physically possible to attend to even half of these activites. Simply put - IIT Bombay rocks !!

one more point -- i haven't seen even half the amount of excitement and energy at an IIM Campus . Its solely due to the B.tech guys who are the whole and soul of IITB. Their enery and enthusiasm is what keeps it going. To reiterate- IITB rocks !!!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Was it a weekend ??

I have already started skipping days. Will try not to do so from now on.


Well as i had mentioned before, saturday was the day of our Fin Acc presentation . Since morning whole junta was slogging to complete it in time. Our group was pretty chilled and actually didn't collect all our presentations till 2 hours before the presentation. There was some talk of pooling all our presentation. However, the idea met with mixed response.

The time has come, the Prof has arrived, the presentations now start . Our group is the last one. Most of the people read from the slides only. The audience is barely listening to what the poor guy is trying to say . Those whose turn hasn't come yet anxiously revise their presentations. While those who have spoken now put their energies to a much more productive job....... sleeping !! our turn comes and the presentation goes okayish . Some standards are still to be covered and the prof asks for volunteers. I volunteer because i want to speak . My presentation goes pretty wel and i feel satisfied.

Back at the hostel we have to practice for the basketball match with our seniors. We go to the court only to find that the key has been misplaced and we cant play. But, our brilliant minds find a solution to this crisis and we play football in front of hostel . This goes on till 11 in night. After that i am too tired to study and go to sleep ........

Sunday ::

today we have class at 8.30 . Man , how much i hate waking up early on sunday morning . Again its the fin acc lecture with the same prof. After that its time for our basketball match with the seniors. Our team consists of largely amatuers who will be putting their hands to the ball for the first time . Predictably, we lose 28-18 . However, i manage to score a basket and thus gain a small personal victory. Back at the hostel , again i go to sleep ! We also find that the laundry has shut shop and for some days now we have to manage on our own .

Evening we have the inaugral meeting for systems club. Although, the numbers are small but this club looks enthusiastic !! I am the coordinator of this club and i vow to try my level best to make this one of the most active clubs.

Its back to studies ( and of course the damn projects......) . Our term-end is pretty near and i have to work really hard . till tom then.........

Saturday, August 27, 2005

I miss Engineering

Nothing much has happened today except for the fact that my eyes are burning because i have been staring at my laptop for last 9 hours. Tomorrow we have the Financial Accounting presentation and the whole wing runs here and there trying to get things in shape. I, for myself have never ever done such a dull assignement. Each of us has to go through atleast five 10 pages long accounting standard and prepare a summary. i finish my share just now to discover a heart-breaking fact. I have mistakenly replaced one of the summaries with another file with the result that now i'll have to write it again. But like any other MBA student, i take it in my stride and try to put the same amount of energy in doing it again.

Today we have only one lecture on Statistics. The stuff is so hi-fi that it is beyond comprehension of those who haven't done a P.Hd in statistics. I spend time doodling on the notebook and drawing unrecognizable shapes. After lecture we go to our OB prof to get approval for our project. And to our surprise, we get it.

Officialy Saturday & Sunday are holidays but our schedule is packed for those days. Sometimes i really wish i was back in engineering college. Not to say that i dont like MBA, but ...... just a reflection on the relaxed life i had in engineering. Its time to hit the sack today as tomorrow i have another long day....... so long.......... and long...........

Friday, August 26, 2005

Projects,projects and more projects

What a day ! i work on 3 projects since morning . More on that later. Today we have a discussion on the MIS quiz that took place yeterday . I get 29 out of 30 objecvtive questions right and get good feedback for my subjective answers . So, hopefully this test will prove to be just the beginning of good things. We come back after lunch for OB class . As usual much of the agenda revolves around the case that we get the day before. This time i get most of my analysis right and this keeps me going on in the class. Operations club have their meeting after the class . I am not a member of this club and hence make a quick getaway . I'm the coordinator for systems club and our first meeting will be on sunday . i am trying to rope in one or two seniors to get the ball rolling.

Now for the projects . First i start working on the Financial Accounting project which is a desperately dull assignment about accounting standards in india. Then our stats project group meets and we finalise the data on which we will work . At 9 we have a inter-floor TT tourney . By the time my turn comes, half our team has lost !! With a pitiable display i join their ranks . We spend out time cheering our other team members.

After this we sit for OB project and finalise our topic. Why couldn't we have one this earlier!!
Tom is again a busy busy day but thankfully 1st class is at 10.30 so i can sleep till late ...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

MIS Quiz & Salsa

Today was the day of the quiz. Although i had prepared well, but still there was that familiar knot in my stomach . Today we had a 4 hr lecture of financial accounting. The prof is a real character... . He has got loads of degrees, loads of teaching experience, loads of attitude and loads of funny mannerisms. He gives us comprehensive notes as if we still were in class 1 ( Although the notes quality is way toooo good ) . Believe it or not , but he also makes us recite whatever he has taught. Well, you do get all types.........

MIS Quiz doesn't turn out to be too tough. I manage to get most of the objective questions correct, and write reasonably good answers for the subjective ones. I am hopeful of getting a score in this test . After the quiz it is party time ........... We play TT for an hour, i go to the gym and then its time for Salsa Workshop . It is being held today at the Student Activity Centre ( SAC ) . As usual i reach SAC late to find that already a good crowd has gathered . First we see some performances from IITB Dance club and they are pretty cool . Then its time for us to put on our dancing shoes and groove to salsa . My partner is Vidisha . We manage to get most of the steps correct after a while and then have a blast !! Finally i drag myself back to the hostel . I am tired but i have to do some research for our Stats project and also to make this entry ....

Tom again have to get up at 7.30 . Man , why do they keep classes so early .........

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The day before MIS Quiz

Today i wake up at 7.35 . My get-up time has been increasing since the 1st day ( 6.30 ) . As usual i have to hurry a lot . Surprise !! lots of guys are late today . I find the toilets and the bathroom full which is rarely the case so late . Anyway , as the 1st lecture is MIS , everyone is chilled out . The MIS prof is very cool and doesn't mind us coming late . I cram in the breaker somehow and rush to get on to the tum-tum ( IITB internal transport ) .

As usual MIS lecture is a big drag . We again amuse ourselves by giving miss calls to the people who are dozing off. I also use this lecture to read up on DBMS as i am supposed to take a lecture later today . Eco comes and goes with the usual debates and hullaboo . After that i take lecture on DBMS for the non -IT guys in our class. I hope they find this session useful . We come back to hostel just in time for lunch .

After lunch i try very hard not to sleep and study but my herculean effort comes unstuck . i wake up at 5 and go for snacks . its Bhajiya today . Now me back and going to study again .....

ooh and i forgot , today we got the dreaded news ........ end-terms wud be starting from 12th sep. That would mean that we have to submit the projects by 9th sep . Most of the class hasn't yet started on the projects . So we'll have our hands fulll ......

its back to study now ............. hopefuly this will be lot better than my eco test ( 12/25 ). Anyways , i am pretty confident in doing well in this one .... lets seee

Me, Myself and Rahul

Well as starters here is a brief intro about myself ..........

Name : Rahul
Age : 23 years
DOB : 18/06/1982
Grad : BE ( Computers)
Work-ex: None
PG : Currently pursuing MBA from SJMSOM, IIT Bombay
Loc : Mumbai
Email : rstamaskar@gmail.com

I'm a 1st year student at SJMSOM . Our session has started from 26th july. I'll start my chronicling from today . Incidently , today completes my one month at IITB . And what an amazing experience it has been .........