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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The day before MIS Quiz

Today i wake up at 7.35 . My get-up time has been increasing since the 1st day ( 6.30 ) . As usual i have to hurry a lot . Surprise !! lots of guys are late today . I find the toilets and the bathroom full which is rarely the case so late . Anyway , as the 1st lecture is MIS , everyone is chilled out . The MIS prof is very cool and doesn't mind us coming late . I cram in the breaker somehow and rush to get on to the tum-tum ( IITB internal transport ) .

As usual MIS lecture is a big drag . We again amuse ourselves by giving miss calls to the people who are dozing off. I also use this lecture to read up on DBMS as i am supposed to take a lecture later today . Eco comes and goes with the usual debates and hullaboo . After that i take lecture on DBMS for the non -IT guys in our class. I hope they find this session useful . We come back to hostel just in time for lunch .

After lunch i try very hard not to sleep and study but my herculean effort comes unstuck . i wake up at 5 and go for snacks . its Bhajiya today . Now me back and going to study again .....

ooh and i forgot , today we got the dreaded news ........ end-terms wud be starting from 12th sep. That would mean that we have to submit the projects by 9th sep . Most of the class hasn't yet started on the projects . So we'll have our hands fulll ......

its back to study now ............. hopefuly this will be lot better than my eco test ( 12/25 ). Anyways , i am pretty confident in doing well in this one .... lets seee


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