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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Avenues – the beginning

This is a post which underlines my experiences of working for Avenues 2006. A bit senti, but what the hell......this is my blog :). Read on ....


Hostel beds had never looked so inviting. After a month of sleepless nights, hectic schedules, impossible deadlines, and innumerable difficulties, Avenues 2006 had finally culminated successfully. But for all of us, sleep was not easy. As we looked back to the two days of Avenues, each of us, with our own memories, was contemplating how Avenues had changed us. Starting from scratch, with no previous experience of organizing such a big event, we had surpassed numerous odds to make the event a success.

When the preparation for Avenues started this year, we had little idea, how much this event would demand from us, and at the same time how much it would contribute to us. Establishing teams, conceptualizing events, running for sponsorships, publicity campaigns, logistics issues and every minute detail to make sure that everything was done in perfect co-ordination; nothing could go wrong on D-Day.

“Avenues” was not any other event, it was our endeavor to build a brand name for our school, to showcase the talents at SOM and create a perfect platform for the interaction of students from engineering colleges and B-schools and corporates as well.

They say “Work expands to fill time available for completion”. Quite ironically for us, the expansion in the work was complemented by the fast shrinking time. Everyday was the genesis of a new task. Every endeavor threw new challenges. Confirmations and cancellations; disagreements and conflicts; nothing stood still. Except; perhaps, the burning desire in our hearts to make this event a success.

It’s hard to describe those everlasting memories of Avenues!

The endless meetings which ate into our sleep and leisure time;
The euphoria when another company decided to collaborate and support Avenues;
The sense of achievement when a game was developed completely in-house;
The endless calls we made for workshops, talks, and PR;
The valuable contributions; help and support of both batches;
The night before the first day of Avenues, when we stayed awake till 5 am to ensure that everything was ready;
The joys of seeing people from B-Schools across the country come to be part of Avenues;

The satisfactions of making a dream come true!

“Avenues” was all of this, and much more. A kaleidoscope of memories which encompassed the entire gamut of human emotions: joy, sadness, happiness, anxiety, anger, ecstasy, surprise, fear, but above all satisfaction. If there is one emotion which towers above everything else, it must be satisfaction.
The satisfaction of realizing a dream!

The theme of Avenues 2006 “Winning Matters” truly justifies our ecstasy. We have won in every sense of the word. But the victory is not complete yet. Avenues 2006 is just a beginning. It lays the foundation on which a much stronger brand can one day be built. It needs to grow from strength to strength over the next few years until it is recognized as the best B-School Fest in the country. And this is what forms the motivation to better each year’s effort.

As Robert Frost said, “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, there are miles to go before I sleep”. Be there at Avenues 2007 to be a part of this historic journey. You will not be disappointed.


A big thanks to all the people who made Avenues possible . We have been part of a terrific journey , memories of which i will cherish forever.


  • u get such a sense of achievement when something uv worked so hard for goes of well..haina..congratulations..im sure this is one experiance ull never forget in life..

    By Blogger Neha, at November 21, 2006 11:04 PM  

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