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Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Kiss

The storm was at its fiercest. Cacaphonous lighenning and misty rain were playing hide and seek. We were holding hands and walking. Two hands that were becoming one with every step. Hearts that were coming closer with every step. World that was becoming farther with every step. The wind in her hair and the tornado in my heart were coming together in a strange symphony. The hair blew onto her face, leaving only a mesmerising glimpse of her eyes. They were sparkling with the brightness of newly lit love. They were speaking in a language which only lovers understand.

The tenderness of the touch belied the raging storm within. The softness of her hand was but a decoy for the passion of her heart. The wind changed direction, her hair blew away. She looked at me, face slightly raised. A single strand of hair caressing her cheeks. The face adorned by tiny little droplets of water. A tiny droplet was making its way along her glowing cheeks. Her eyes conveyed a longing, a desire to be loved. I turned towards her, all doubts in my heart now dispelled. Putting an arm around her waist, i pulled her closer. She closed her eyes. We closed our worlds. Now it was just me and her inside the comnforting embrace of the rain. As we came closer, the sounds became farther. The silence was comforting. Our lips touched, our hearts fused, and our love came alive !


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