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Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Exam

Rrrrrrrrin ! Rrrrrrrring ! The harsh sound of the alarm brought Ram out of the dream where he was happily watching American Girls go by in an All American University.It had been Ram's dream since time immemorial to go for an M.S in the US of A. All through his graduation he had worked towards it. He was good with words and numbers. He had aced all the mock GREs. There was just one teeny-weeny problem. He had, inexplicably, failed to get even a decent score in GRE . His scores were so miserable that he dared not apply to any of the top 50 universities.

Today was his 3rd and last attempt at GRE. There was no way his father could afford another exam or the endless coahing classes. He had at last regained his lost confidence and was reasonably confident of making it this time. The exam was at 10:30 . He better hurry or he will be late for the exam. He got ready and drank the fresh Coffee made my his father. Ram had no mother. She had passed away when he was 9.

Ram decided that today he will take a rickshaw. After all, it was important that he reach the venue on time. For some reaosn, every auto that he stopped seemed to be averse to the idea of going in the direction of his exam centre. At long last, an auto, more out of pity than need, stopped for him and agreed to take him to the destination. It was already 10 am. However, he was sure that he will reach the venue with at least 10 minutes to spare.

As he neared the venue, he saw that the road was blocked. A commotion was taking place and as usual a crowd had gathered. He was irritated. He could not afford to get late for the exam. It was his dream. Ram waited in the Auto till 10:15. He realized that if he waited any longer, he might not make it. He started to move forward by skirting the crowd. But his curiosity got better of him and he peeped through the crowd. What he saw chilled his blood. A middle aged woman was lying in a pool of blood. She was apparently no dead, as her bosom was still heaving. She needed to be taken to hospital, but none of the onlookers was doing anything about this. PErhaps, people were afraid of the complications. Perhaps, they just did not want to help. Ram too did not want to get involved . He wanted to move. It was already 10:20 and he would get late if he delayed any longer. To his chagrin, his feet were rooted to the ground. His eyes were fixed at the horrific spectacle. But this spectacle was not taking place today. It was 14 years earlier. In place of the middle aged woman was his own mother. Ram was also covered in blood. The smashed kinetic lay to the side. The Truck which had rammed into them was nowhere to be seen. Ram saw himself plead with onlookers to take his mother to hospital. He saw his own desperate efforts to drag his Mother. He saw himself looking in disbeleif at his mothers blood soaked body which had become very still.

It was 10.23 .He will mosrt certainly miss the exam if he delayed any longer. Suddenly, Ram ran forward throught the crowd . He ran to the still alive woman . He picked her up and ran to the auto he had just abandoned. He ordered the Auto to go back to the hospital. The Auto did a quick U-turn and sped to the hospital. The doctor later informed him that 5 minutes late the woman would not have made it. She was now sleeping peacefully in her room surrounded by her children and husband. Ram had not left the hospital . GRE Exam had long since finished.

Ram started to move out . He had a smile on his lips. Today he had passed the exam. Today he had given life to a person. Today he had saved someone's mother, someone's wife. Today he had passed the sternest test of all, the test of character. Oh yes , he was smiling, GRE be damned .



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