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Saturday, August 27, 2005

I miss Engineering

Nothing much has happened today except for the fact that my eyes are burning because i have been staring at my laptop for last 9 hours. Tomorrow we have the Financial Accounting presentation and the whole wing runs here and there trying to get things in shape. I, for myself have never ever done such a dull assignement. Each of us has to go through atleast five 10 pages long accounting standard and prepare a summary. i finish my share just now to discover a heart-breaking fact. I have mistakenly replaced one of the summaries with another file with the result that now i'll have to write it again. But like any other MBA student, i take it in my stride and try to put the same amount of energy in doing it again.

Today we have only one lecture on Statistics. The stuff is so hi-fi that it is beyond comprehension of those who haven't done a P.Hd in statistics. I spend time doodling on the notebook and drawing unrecognizable shapes. After lecture we go to our OB prof to get approval for our project. And to our surprise, we get it.

Officialy Saturday & Sunday are holidays but our schedule is packed for those days. Sometimes i really wish i was back in engineering college. Not to say that i dont like MBA, but ...... just a reflection on the relaxed life i had in engineering. Its time to hit the sack today as tomorrow i have another long day....... so long.......... and long...........


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