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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Its Hot !! Summers Time

Its that time of the year !! our summers will be starting from 29th september . There has been a flurry of activities going on . Resumes, value added forms , PPTs , company researches .......it goes on !! Almost everyone now has summers at the top of their mind with the result that scant attention is being paid to acads.

I am aiming for IT and marketing profiles . Hopefully will be able to get it.

uh-oh ! A TT tourney is starting upstairs !! Gotta run ...... will write later !!

Monday, September 19, 2005


whew !! the exams are finally over . 5 days of gruelling studies , ragda , doubts, pressures, peeking at neighbours ( just to see whether they are studying ) , giving the exams, discussing thr paper, discovering that half the answers dont match , cross-checking, playing TT ( thats right !!) , watching FRIENDS , sleeping for 3/4 hrs ......the list goes on !!

But some of the papers were surprisingly not tough !! yours truly was under tension about stats and economics but but i think i have done well enough to warrant at least a CC . In MIS i'm sure that i'll get an AA grade. OB totally depends upon the prof . And in Fin ACC , everyone gets atleast a BB so that tension is not there

While we were thinking that this would made us freee at least for some time, we were wrong !! We had out first PPT for summers on the day of the last exam . then 2 days holidays and from monday the 2nd term starts . With the 2nd terms , comes the rush of the summers. Companies will start coming from 24th sept and everyone will be busy with prep resumes and company hunting . Plenty of good companies are coming with IT profile and i hope to catch one of them . lets see...... wish i had a crytal ball !!

This was my first experience with a relative grading system and i must say it was not very pleasant . It takes some time to adjust to that and i hope that time has passed for me. I am looking forward to scoring good grades in this term ( after my avg peformance this term ) . I am writing this from PUNE where i've come to visit my brother and some college friends . This is my first visit outside the IIT campus in 20 or so days !!

well signing off for now.... will post my experiences of batch in next post !!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


i was getting really bored during a stats lecture. so i decide to put my creative juices to good use and pen a poem . so here goez


The touch was fleeting and light,
the hold was strong was tight.
Winds of love were in the air,
gently ruffling the lovers' hair.
The souls were together entwined,
heart was superior to the calls of mind.
Enemies were of their blood own,
the lovers stood together and alone.
No question was there of staying apart,
love in their eyes and sadness in heart.
The poison spread its tentacles slowly,
their love was about to become holy.
The hearts stopped, the bodies lay still,
they had lived their live to the fill.
A couple in life, but one after breath,
their invincible love conquered death.

its sad but all poems cant be happy........

i have completed stats and finacc project . But ob is still hanging like an albatross around our neck . on top of that exams beginning from monday 12th . So we are seriously short of time . But still the spirit is alive and mind is willing so i will soldier on...... and on.....and on.......

Friday, September 02, 2005

Rigor Academis

To say that the course at SJMSOM is rigorous would be greatly understating it . The main reason for this is the short term . There is only so much that we can cover in 7 weeks. The Profs also show no mercy in taking quizzes and projects. Plus, there are two more factors which contribute a lot in making this one of the most rigorous courses. Firstly, This concept of Relative Grading where you suffer if others perform well and you dont. Secondly, the stipulation to keep a min CPI of 6 every semester. Because of this stipulation only, many of our seniors had to pack their bags. Things are tough !!

We have lots of submissions coming up. OB, Stats, and FIn Acc projects to be submitted. Today we had the stats quiz. Again my performance was very average!! So after the ups of OB and MIS quiz come the down of stats quiz. It really is a rollercoaster ( Except for a few Venkats........ i am sure you get it !! ) .

Till next time ......