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Friday, September 02, 2005

Rigor Academis

To say that the course at SJMSOM is rigorous would be greatly understating it . The main reason for this is the short term . There is only so much that we can cover in 7 weeks. The Profs also show no mercy in taking quizzes and projects. Plus, there are two more factors which contribute a lot in making this one of the most rigorous courses. Firstly, This concept of Relative Grading where you suffer if others perform well and you dont. Secondly, the stipulation to keep a min CPI of 6 every semester. Because of this stipulation only, many of our seniors had to pack their bags. Things are tough !!

We have lots of submissions coming up. OB, Stats, and FIn Acc projects to be submitted. Today we had the stats quiz. Again my performance was very average!! So after the ups of OB and MIS quiz come the down of stats quiz. It really is a rollercoaster ( Except for a few Venkats........ i am sure you get it !! ) .

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