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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

IITB rocks !!

life has been very hectic over the last few days. i have to do so many projects , prepare for quizzes and end-terms . The term here is very short ( 7 weeks ) so this hardly leaves us with enough breathing space. We get marks for our stats test and i again i get average score !! i decide that at least until the end-terms, no more extra-currics for me. We again have a quiz coming up this friday and i have to do well in that .

I have been at IITB for over a month now. The atmosphere here is simply unbelievable. There is so much happning here, so much energy, so much enthusiasm . My percepetion of IITB was completely opposite . I had always thought that the students here would be geeks, totally devoting time to studies and doing nothing else. But ,this belief has been completely shattered . Everyday ( i am not exaggerating ) we have something new happening , either at hostel or in one of the numerous socieities. The B.Tech guys are very very enthusiatic about all the extra-currics. We have salsa workshops, quizzes, scavenger hunt, singing shows, rock shows, debates, essay wrirting, sports, cartoon competition, ads , dumbcharades, entrepreneurship events, guest lectures, matki phod, janmashatmi, LAN games, coding games, TechFest , Mood INdigo , Eureka and much much more. It is not physically possible to attend to even half of these activites. Simply put - IIT Bombay rocks !!

one more point -- i haven't seen even half the amount of excitement and energy at an IIM Campus . Its solely due to the B.tech guys who are the whole and soul of IITB. Their enery and enthusiasm is what keeps it going. To reiterate- IITB rocks !!!!!


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