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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Was it a weekend ??

I have already started skipping days. Will try not to do so from now on.


Well as i had mentioned before, saturday was the day of our Fin Acc presentation . Since morning whole junta was slogging to complete it in time. Our group was pretty chilled and actually didn't collect all our presentations till 2 hours before the presentation. There was some talk of pooling all our presentation. However, the idea met with mixed response.

The time has come, the Prof has arrived, the presentations now start . Our group is the last one. Most of the people read from the slides only. The audience is barely listening to what the poor guy is trying to say . Those whose turn hasn't come yet anxiously revise their presentations. While those who have spoken now put their energies to a much more productive job....... sleeping !! our turn comes and the presentation goes okayish . Some standards are still to be covered and the prof asks for volunteers. I volunteer because i want to speak . My presentation goes pretty wel and i feel satisfied.

Back at the hostel we have to practice for the basketball match with our seniors. We go to the court only to find that the key has been misplaced and we cant play. But, our brilliant minds find a solution to this crisis and we play football in front of hostel . This goes on till 11 in night. After that i am too tired to study and go to sleep ........

Sunday ::

today we have class at 8.30 . Man , how much i hate waking up early on sunday morning . Again its the fin acc lecture with the same prof. After that its time for our basketball match with the seniors. Our team consists of largely amatuers who will be putting their hands to the ball for the first time . Predictably, we lose 28-18 . However, i manage to score a basket and thus gain a small personal victory. Back at the hostel , again i go to sleep ! We also find that the laundry has shut shop and for some days now we have to manage on our own .

Evening we have the inaugral meeting for systems club. Although, the numbers are small but this club looks enthusiastic !! I am the coordinator of this club and i vow to try my level best to make this one of the most active clubs.

Its back to studies ( and of course the damn projects......) . Our term-end is pretty near and i have to work really hard . till tom then.........


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