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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


i was getting really bored during a stats lecture. so i decide to put my creative juices to good use and pen a poem . so here goez


The touch was fleeting and light,
the hold was strong was tight.
Winds of love were in the air,
gently ruffling the lovers' hair.
The souls were together entwined,
heart was superior to the calls of mind.
Enemies were of their blood own,
the lovers stood together and alone.
No question was there of staying apart,
love in their eyes and sadness in heart.
The poison spread its tentacles slowly,
their love was about to become holy.
The hearts stopped, the bodies lay still,
they had lived their live to the fill.
A couple in life, but one after breath,
their invincible love conquered death.

its sad but all poems cant be happy........

i have completed stats and finacc project . But ob is still hanging like an albatross around our neck . on top of that exams beginning from monday 12th . So we are seriously short of time . But still the spirit is alive and mind is willing so i will soldier on...... and on.....and on.......


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