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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Politicos above all !

Even their tremendous fame and truckloads of money could not save the Bollywood bad boys - Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan - from jail. A lot of people are claiming this as the ultimate proof that the judiciary is above everyone in India. I am not entirely convinced about this. To me, the judiciary will not be omnipotent until they are above the one class that rules them all- the political class. To this date, i cannot recall a single account of a top politician being sent to jail for a reasonable amount of time. Lalu Yadav, Shibu Soren et al have been in Jail for some amount of time but surely that timespan is not reflective of the crimes they were supposed to have committed.

politicos are above the law - and that is true not just in the lawless hinterlands of UP and Bihar - but also in cosmopolitan and urbane Mumbai. I don't need to take names for the politicos who are still at large inspite of aiding in heinous crimes. In many cases, the cases are dropped for lack of "evidence" or lack of "witnesses". Honest Police officials who are getting too close for comfort are transferred. Cases go on interminably. The reasons are aplenty.

While Judiciary is one of the few offices having some sort of honesty, i will not believe it is omnipotent until the policians are brought to justice.


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