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Saturday, January 07, 2006

When Sportsmen forget Sportsmanship

Today I happened to witness a volleyball match in our hostel. The match was extremly tight with the fortunes swinging either way. In the end, there had to be a winner and there had to be a loser. There was a lot of cheering and hooting from supporters of both the sides during the match. When the match ended, the losing team began to make its way back. To their shock, the winning team began to shout abuses at them. It came out of nowhere. To their credit, the losing team refrained from replying the same manner. The shouts continued for some time. What happened here ? They had won the match, they should have celebrated and gone away. Why did they hurl abuses at the other team ? And mind you, this wasn't even an inter-hostel match. So whats the point in responding in this manner to your hostel-mates ? Is this what they have learnt at their homes and in their School ? I guess they must have thought they were able to prove the other team as inferior and then just decided to rub it in.

The emotion that i am feeling is not of anger, but of pity. I pity such people who showcase their culture over such petty things. Cheering and Friendly banter during the match is fine. But, at the same time there is no need to get personal. It really shows the person's desperation to win at any cost. Since, they find it difficult to win the game in a normal way, these people resort to such tactics. That is why i did not like the Australian Cricket team even when they played excellent cricket. They were winning matches easily, and yet they resorted to sledging. Such fellas should be pitied. Its a pity that they have such twisted mind which prompts them to behave in this way. Its a pity that they did not learn basic mannerisms and sporting spirit. Its a pity that they won. Else, they could have seen how REAL sportsmen celebrate .