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Monday, January 02, 2006

Adios , Winter Vacations

Today is the last day of our holidays. From tomorrow classes are starting. This ends 40 days of absolute bliss. Although I was working on a winter project, it was not very hectic and i could manage with 3-4 hours a day. And i honestly dont know how i spent rest of the time. I played cricket, baddy , TT, squash; watched movies; roamed around Mumbai, went to Pune thrice, wrote poems, surfed net, devoured friends and last but not the least enjoyed my bliss to the hilt. Mood Indigo was rocking as usual ( that will be dealt in a separate post). There were hardly 15 people in our department. Somehow , this solitiude made all of us feel exclusive. I got to know some people better and realized how my initial impressions were wrong. Laziness is a very good feeling when you dont have to counter it ;) .

People have started arriving since 31st Dec. I guess by now, all the guys and gals in our hostel have arrived. The campus and the hostel has suddenly come to life as if some magic switch has been turned on. The daily grind begins from tomorrow. I feel a bit sad as the holidays have come to an end. I doubt that i will get such a long holiday until probably i retire.One chapter in my life has come and gone without me even realising it.

Adios, Winter Vacations. It was great meeting you.


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