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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Some moments to Cherish.....

Many times during our lives we encounter some moments, which remain etched in our hearts. That moment need not be something that happens to me. But its impression is nevertheless lasting. Something like this happened to me today.

Getting into an IIT is dream come true for most students. But, for students from poor backgrounds or from villages , it is the pinnacle of their aspirations. Today, I saw a boy in our hostel being visited by his Grandma. She was leaving his room and there were tears in her eyes. All the way to the Autorickshaw, she kept looking at our hostel and caressing tha boys hair. I came to know of the whole story after she went. The boys parents died when he was just 10 years old. He comes from a very small village in Orissa. His Grandma raised him . He is a very brilliant boy and I am sure he must have gotten into IIT through sheer hard work and talent. His grandma must have always wished that her Grandson will do something that would have made his parents proud. And he fulfilled her dream by securing admission into India's Best Institute. Today was her first visit to our hostel. And though she did not say anything in front of us, her tears said a thousand words.

This was a moment which she will always cherish. And this was a moment which I will always cherish. I saw true happiness today. And nothing can be more touching than that . I am sure that many such untold stories are there in IIT. After all , it is a dream come true !!


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