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Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Stranger Within Me

Here's another poem -

All the world was asleep ,
The night was dark and deep,
As I lay prone on my bed,
Like the corpse of a dead.
I lay staring at the wall,
Then I heard someone call,
Suddenly I was there before me,
Or was it the stranger within me ?

“Hey! you idiot “ ,yelled he ,
his eyes too bright to see.
“what are you doing here “,
I could just sit and stare
At this ghostly scepter floating,
Swaying and yelling and waving.
I was there talking to me,
Or was it the stranger within me ?

“How are you separated from me? “
I asked, stunned, gazing at me.
Said he,” your life is now done’
‘Now we shall fly away to heaven”.
With this he lifted me and took me
Onto heaven with the stranger within me.



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