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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Bow to the Master !

The master has silenced his detractors, made his fans delirious, created history and earned his rightful place in the record books. Sachin Tendulkar scores his world-record breaking 35th century to claim one of cricket's most coveted records. The Run-Machine is Dadar is toppled my the curly-haired boy from the Shardashram School . No one will be more happier than Sunny Gavaskar to see his beloved Sachin break the Record.

He credibilty as India's top batsman was in question, furtive voices demended him out, fans were despondent, critics felt he was past his prime. And yet the MASTER has proven everyone wrong. It is the true sign of a champion when he rises forth when hope is lost. Through the rains of Chennai and Kotla's fog, Sachin's light shines and with him shines entire India who had been waiting so long for this moment.

Stand up and clap : The master awaits !


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