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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hard to starboard !!

It has been a real hectic week . Still 2 more days to go before the diwali holidays kick in ! A strange sort of inertia has set in . I dont feeling like studying at all. Today we had a dreaded OR quiz and man was it a drag . somehow i limped through the book and gave the test. We have a presentation on thrusday and i just dont feel like preparing for it . But kya karein , karna to padega.

I think one reason for this inertia is that i am experiencing a kind of anti-climax after the mad adrenalin rush of releasing our systems club magazine. It was the first edition, and we had to work really hard on it . i was the editor so had to work that much more harder. But are we happy with the outcome ! The mag has come out beautifully and looks absoulutely world-class. Its not self-praise guys, this has been conveyed to us by our alumni and professors. They are very very happy about the magazine and are encouraging us to distribute it to industry and other B-schools. It is really difficult to describe the satisfaction i feel when i get such praise for the magazine. We really did put in lots of effort ! Feels nice to be appreciated .

All good things do come to an end. We have a rolling system for the mag, so 2 of our classmates will be the editors. Hmmm, so is that the real reason that i am feeling a bit dull ?? who knows ??

So what next ? Well i am really looking forward to the holidays as they will be a welcome break. When we're back, its time for the exams. No room for a nice settling-in period. As the captain says "Hard to starboard !! " . I guess now its my turn to turn starboard. Take a right turn toward studying that is :) . Really arbit ending !! But doing arbit things is the inthing in IITB. So its not me guys, the atmosphere just got to me :) .

Should stop before i post more nonsense ;) .


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