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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

F.R.I.E.N.D.S last a lifetime

Yesterday i watched the last episode of Friendsand it almost managed to bring tears to my eyes. Although Ross is reunited with Rachel, The end shows Chandler & Monica going away . For 10 years i have laughed and cried with friends. They have been my companions in both good and bad times.

Six best friends, for their lifetime, and yet eras come to an end. Lives change, people move on !! However much i hate it, there wont be Friends again. No Joey to behave like a complete nitwit, to say " How u doing ?? " . No Rachel to look sexy and cute at the same time, to kiss Ross once again . No Chandler to crack his silly jokes, to make his inimitable faces . No Monica to look Fat, to be fastidiously fastidious . No Ross to talk about dinosours, to give those amazingly senti expressions. No Phoebe to come with the most unbelievable stuff , to always get the wackiest guy for a date.. No Janice to laugh everyone's head off No Gunther and his silly ties. No Richard and his godly drawl . No more coffees and muffins in The Central Perk .

People often have this misconception that FRIENDS is about the jokes and laughs . Well , it certainly is , but there is lots and lots more to Friends than laughs. They are each others life, their smiles, their tears, their parents, their anger, their love, their words , their expressions, their thoughts, their pain, their balm , their entire existence . Their whole life, their words, their jokes filled my heart with a warmth that i probably would not experience again. 10 years of era comes to end !!But they live on in my heart and millions of hearts like mine !!




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