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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Day at a Time - part 2

Continuing from where i left off....

As i was saying, this whole "aim" and "goal" has me a bit confused. I have acquired a fake aim,but this would be cheating myself. I am not that sort of a person who can easily lie to myself.

So i have decided to continue living as i always have !! A day at a Time !! I don't think very much about my future . Except, of course, for one thing ;). Leaving that aside, i really wonder whether there is any merit in continuously worrying yourself about your future.

When i got into this institute, i knew that it is certain that i will get good placements. While it is a truth that a few companies do use grades to shortlist candidates, this procedure is usually restricted to only select Finance companies. And Finance companies is a strict no-no for me. In the end, As long as your grades are decent enough, they wont have much effect on the placement. So, I am not worrying myself unduly about the grades. BTW, my grades are decent enough ( Currently 8 points ) . It is amazing how much value you can get out of MBA when you dont worry yourself to death over grades. You can take part in all the extra-curricular activities you want. You can enjoy sports, the fests, the events, the competitions .........

The point is that instead of worrying myself over the future, i am living each day as it comes. You will be surprised by the change this attitude brings in your life. That constant frown disappears and a happy face emerges. You look at your batchmates for the first time as "mates" . You find time to study and enjoy !! You also find that quiz is also a single day affair which has to be remebered for that day only . This DOES NOT mean that you should neglect quizzes. It is the attitude with which you take it matters. They are not the Be-Alls and End-Alls . So relax and give the quiz with a fresh and relaxed mind. And very important, Have CONFIDENCE in your abilities. Not everyone can do everything with the same competency . So identify what you do well, and try to excel in that. At the same time , try to get a smattering knowledge of things you are not good at, so that you can fit into the conventional definition of a manager :) .

Chalo , Enough Fundas for now ... Till next time .


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