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Sunday, October 16, 2005

A day at a Time ! - part 1

The other day i was having a talk with my friend. She is also pursuing her MBA from a reputed institute in Mumbai . Talking with her made me realise that most of are absolutely clueless about what we want from life. Many of us are pursuing MBA with a hope of getting a great placement and earning loads of money. But is it really what we want ?? I mean this seems pretty vague. Yeah ! So everyone wants a good job and wants to earn loads of money. So whats so different about you ? That you are doing n MBA ?

I guess most of my colleagues will disagree with me. They will point out that they do have a very different aim . They want to be entrepreunres, they want to change an organization with their managerial perspective. But is there really any substance in these aims ? Almost everyone has a aim of where they want to reach in next 10 years . I Don't.

10 years a very long time. The world wars changed the world, yet they were 6 years long. What is it that will remain constant in 10 years ? your life ? the country ? the economy ? the technology ? the culture ? your family ? your friends ? All of them will CHANGE becuase change is what drives the wrold forward. Let us say you have this great innovative idea that you want to implement in say 5 years. What is the gaurantee that the idea will remain great even after 2 years ? that someone else wont think of it ?

And about the other aim, the lesser said the better . So you want to change the organization . Big deal. Every year thousands of young management graduates enter different organizations with the same dream. How many have actually succeeded in doing so ? How many have become disillusioned with the maddening rat race and competition ? lets face it, the intention is good, but is there any substance ? Isn't this aim also very vague ?

The point which i'm trying to make is that there are very very few people who really know what they want from life. And i suspect that most of them are not in MBA insitutes . It is considered a sacrilege if you say that you dont have a specific aim. Hell, everyone else in the institute has one ! and that forces me to search for an aim which is not much different from others. So do i accept this situation and remain happy in the illusion that i also have a "aim" ?

More in part -2


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