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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ye Sunahare Pal

Posting after a long time :). There really is no reason why i have not posted for so long. We had holidays and i didnt have much to do. Many times i opened this page and started to write something but stopped midway. Just couldn't write anything.

It is incredible how much a person is affected by his atmosphere. Most of the people in our batch had gone home and the entire hostel corridor consisted of only 5-6 guys ( Me included :( ) . And man i have never completely wasted 5 days of my life. This was the routine of almost everyone who had stayed back

1. Get up by 12 noon. ( I had breakfast only once in 7 days )
2. Have a leisurely lunch.
3. Watch a movie till 4 . Those not inclined towards movies read novels, Those not inlcined towards anything slept .
4. Go To sleep .
5. Wake up by 5:45 and have snacks.
6. Watch movie, Read Novel, Surf Net, Play Games, Do TP .
7. Have dinner.
8. Watch movie, Read Novel, Surf Net, Play Games, do TP
9. Go to sleep at 3 am .

In between pick up some book and make a futile attempt to study. Struggle a lot to read 4 pages before finally giving up . Try to something creative and end up with the earth-shattering innovation of sleeping while watching an action movie. Do research on new limits of laziness. Try to get yourself into Guiness book of world records for maximum sleep. Drag yourself out of the room for a visit to the loo ( and an occasional visit to the cricket ground ). Admonish yourself and pick up a textbook only to fall asleep in 5 mins . whew....... sounds hectic :) .

But for all the time wasting that i have done, one thing i have realised is that probably i wont get such a time again . Where i have the total freedom to do what i want, without any pressure at all. No one to watch over me, no one to give me advice, just doing what i feel like doing. And especially when you consider todays world where everything is so hectic and people dont have time for small things ( writing blogs :) , it is all the more important to have such a time. It really refrehes you and energises you. like the song goes
" Pal rahe ya na rahe kal, Yaad aayenge ye pal " . Truly these five days were " Sunahare pal ! " . And like a Pal , this time also passed away in a moment .

" In sunahare palon ki yaad sanjoye baitha hoon ,
Dil mein kuch armaan liye baitha hoon,
ki mera har pal bas mera ho,
sone se bhi sunahara ho "

BTW that was my original composition. Comments invited :).


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