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Friday, October 28, 2005

Diwali Time !

The festival of lights is upon us ! Dipawali has come like a breath of fresh air in my life. Things were getting a bit stagnant in my life. Assignements, quiz, .....movies......badminton......assignement,quiz.......movies........cricket.... went on and on. It really amazes me that with so much going on i can still get bored. Well, thats the vagaries of my mind!!

Diwali symbolises the victory of Good over Evil. Rama over Ravana, Krishna over Kansa, Arjun over duryodhan . How good it was in those old days when the line between good and evil was very clear. One side of line was good, and the other side was evil. Either here or there. Things are just not the same now. Do we really know what is good or what is evil ? How do we define good or evil ? The line is so blurred that it is almost invisible.

One sure candidates for evil are the Politicians. Of course, it is very easy to blame them for all that is wrong with the country and my house's ceiling. But are we not responsible to a great extent for the present state of affairs. People will just shrug and say that how can they make a difference. And this is the sad part of the affair ! Majority of the middle class and upper class does not vote in the elections. This allows the corrupt and selfish politicos to exploit the uneducated masses of india. This message was very effectively conveyed by the movie "Yuva" . But, as expected, the movie had very few takers.

Another candidate for evil is the Media. Yes sir! our omnipresent, "Omniscient" and omnipotent Media. Media being omniscient did require these quotes "", although the media would have us believe otherwise. There is no denying that they are omnipotent. I would even say that the media currently is the most potent force in our country. They can influence the country, they can destroy people (Ask Azhar, Shakti Kapoor ), they can make a Mr. Nobody the national icon ( Our very own Abijit Savant ji), they can create a national "breaking news" out of a non-event ( Indian Idol, Karishma Kapoor- Sunjay Kaour, Fame Gurukul ) , they can give us 24 hrs of total crap programming ( Star news, Star Plus, SAB TV ......). They have the power to do infinfite good, yet they choose to run behind obscure startlets, place hidden cameras, "break" any news and geneally fill our mind with mindless chatter. They are slowly but surely turning into the American Media and this cannot be good news. The empire of the Fourth Estate has just begun....

Other evils are the usual suspects- Terrorism, Poverty, MNCs........

But again , one man's sin is other man's good deed. Evil is good and good is evil and thats the way the world is moving. Keeping pace.......choose a side...if you can find the line, that is !!


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