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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Tribute to Sachin

Sachin's record-breaking century has evoked wonderful sentiments from his fans. Here is terrific ode to the Master by my friend Mayuresh Wagh . Read on -

The day of December 10 will be marked as the most golden day of Indian cricket. The day when the 'sun' of India was seen at His brightest. The day when He, as usual, proved that he was nothing less than God himself. The day, the glorious day, when the entire world, as usual, was up on its feet to pay respect to the Big Litttle Master. The historic moment, when a single man showed the world the mettle, the character, the consistency, the power, the talent, the charisma, the hypnotism and the unspoken aggression which he is made of - and is revealed and expressed best only through his statistics, again, as usual.

The man has never had to open his mouth about all the TOMFOOLERY against him and the so called aggressive SLEDGING techniques follwed by the weak who call themselves strong. Little do they know what aggression is. Little do they know the difference between aggression and arrogance, between ego and self esteem, between life and death.

As feelings overpowered life, the moment of extreme anticipation, tremendous excitement, unmatched historical importance and uncountable prayers approached, when He was on strike on the highest two digit number. And as the white leather hit the wood, exceptional emotions erupted from the nation's soul.

A roar, which the lions would have heard in awe; a smile, which the most beautiful people would have adored with envy; a tear, heavier than the Mumbai rains of 26th July; and an upsurging wave of heartfelt emotions more powerful than the Tsunami was conceived in the soul of every cricket lover.

My salute to the most successful cricketer on Earth, the most respected batsman in the cricketing fraternity, the most dangerous ghost of Shane's nightmares, the most modest human being the world has seen, the man who fought the scariest of storms in Sharjah to see India through, the most committed professional, the whitest of all angels, the MAN who had the power to attend his father's funeral and yet score a century the next day, the DAREDEVIL who took the Shoaib bull by the horns, the one-man army, the only one actually comparable to Bradman, the most popular idol amongst the young , the highest tax payer in the country, the heart, blood and veins of the Indian body. Cheers to life, to glory, to success, all epitomized by the God of religion of cricket.....Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

Thank you Sachin, thank you for everything. You have made us proud........ As usual.

- Mayuresh Wagh


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