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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Day and Night

A poem from my pen -

On the wings of clouds,
Wearing their invisible shrouds,
Two angels got into a fight,
One was day and the other night.
“I am the better one “, declared night.
Day countered,” not a hope of winning this fight”.

“I am the carrier of happiness and sunshine’
‘While you are the haven of crook and swine”
On hearing this night just shook it’s head.
“Mine is the time of rest and going to bed”
Whispered day,” also the time of living dead”
“Silence”, said night, “ for I bring respite ‘
‘ from the heat and dust and blinding light.’
‘ I shower the beauty of stars and moon’
‘ seeing which nightingales sing and lovers swoon”.
“the sunshine, happiness and nature are all mine’
‘while darkness rules in your time ‘
‘people wait impatiently for me’
‘and not another night they want to see”.
Countered night, “ I am the reliever of plight’
‘all of which comes at your sight” .

Sun heard their voices and came about
And asked what was there to fight and shout.
They poured their sentiments on sun Which just smiled and said -
“both of you are the best as one is my father and the other my son “

- Rahul


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