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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Time Just Flies by.......

Time is a funny sort of fella. When you need him the most, he is never there. When he is there , you never know how he goes away. We are continuosly chasing him and yet he never comes back. He has a most mechanical routine and still we cannot adjust to his routine. He will tempt you in thinking he is there but when you turn to him, the fella is nowhere to be seen. Sometimes we think he is slower than a snail but sometimes he seems to be faster than a ferrari. He has been us since the beginning of life. The one constant thing in this changing world. Man has tried to travel with him but is nowhere in that endeavor. He brings with him great changes and yet never changes himself. If we can catch him ,we become the masters of our fate. But alas, in this never-ending race we are always number 2. Time will always fly by .......


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