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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Stand in Queue , please !!

Yesterday we had a visit from Mr. Shailesh J Mehta, the patron of our School. While interacting with the students, he made a very interesting observation. According to him, power can have different menaings in different countries. In the US, having money is the sign of power, in others a gun is the ultimate sign of power. In fact, this is the truth in most of the countries. However, in India, real power is the power to NOT stand in queues. Yes, thats right.

Our whole life revolves around queues. There are queues everywhere. Queues for birth certificate, queue for school admission, queue for collecting result, queue for enrolling into coaching classes, queue for girls ;), queue for buying college admssion form, queue for college result, queue for Bus and Local, queue for driving license, queue for passport, queue for post office, queue for ATM, queue for movie ticket; there is even a queue for peeing.

In this world governed by queues, a few privileged souls manage to bypass them. These are the persons with real power, the VIPs. They have no queue for anything. They have no queue for toll booth, no queue for bank, no queue for license or passport, no queue for Movie tickets and of course no queues for Bus and Local. Thier life passes off very easily, the sun and the rain don't trouble them, others dont yell at them for taking a step out of queue. The VIPs are indeed Very Important Persons. No matter how much money you have or how many goons you can call, if you have to stand in a queue then you are nothing better than an ordinary mortal. These Fortunate individuals scoff at us poor mortals who are braving the sun and the rain for that one piece of paper.

On some occasions, even we can rise above the crowd and become a VIP. It happens if you have an Aunt or an Uncle or a Friend who is (un)fortunately employed in the concerned place. These guys become the most sought after Friends with even distant and one-time acquitances claiming to be their bossom friends. The people working in government offices are most suscepible to this. The experiences of standing in the queue are really something.

Er... gotta run ! There is already a queue to fill up the mess fees :) .


  • lol..well said!
    well i dont mind queues so much as long as they r moving atlst!bcos there r times when they r just stuck..well it's not fun.. but no escape!!

    By Blogger Neha, at January 10, 2006 9:19 PM  

  • and those self-proclaimed queue champions who think they are the voice of nation and proceed to give their opinion on everything from Mallika's cleavage to Amar Singh's phone tap :) .

    By Blogger Rahul Tamaskar, at January 11, 2006 1:42 PM  

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