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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Test

He was just a little boy. A sapling amongst the aged trees. As he walked into the battlefield , myriad emotions were swirling in his fertile mind. There was intense heat, not all of it from the sun. There was a knot in the stomach making him squirm as if it was a living being. His throat was dry , not all of it from thirst. The enemy stared . There were many of them . All of them jeering at the young boy who had just started to use the razor. They threw unspeakable insults on him. And yet, his gaze never faltered. The boy who would be king was getting ready for his first battle. His adversary was a seasoned campaigner , someone who had struck terror into many a brave warrior. The boy looked around the arena. He Saw the crowd baying for his blood . His partner was in his own shell. It was a solo battle .

The boy and the enemy . With their weapons in their hands, the two stared at each other. One craving for blood, other sparkling with unseen energy . The enemy was running towards the boy . He ran like wind. The crowd was mesmerized . The boy stood absolutely still . He remembered his guru teaching the nuances of the battle . Stay still, stay focussed, and be confident - This is what the Guru had told him . And the boy obeyed . The enemey hurled his weapon . With a flourish , Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar brought his bat down and the ball went past a raging Waqar Younis for Four. The battle was over ! There was nothing stopping the boy ! He won many battles and became the king of the kings ! But he never forgot the day he had his biggest test , the day he became a man ! The day Sachin Tendulkar announced his arrival to the applauding world !!


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