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Monday, June 05, 2006

A solution to overcrowded locals ?

Anyone who has travelled in the Mumbai locals can vouch for this - Even after so many days i simply cannot believe the number of people who cram into a car in the local . It defies explanation, boggles imagination and makes you spend 10 times the amount on Autos and Taxis .

Can having Express or Super Express Locals solve this problem. This will be a step ahead from the "fast" trains . For example, an Andheri - Churchgate Express local will not halt at any station in between . A Virar - Churchgate Super Express will not halt at any of the stations in between . Similarly for Thane - CST , Dadar - Kalyan routes. Will this reduce the burden on normal "slow" and "fast" locals ? Is this feasible ? I wonder ........


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