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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Life After Death

Rahul was moving amongst them so easily. Being invisible to them had its advantages. He saw the old man sitting all alone on the parapet on Marine Drive. No doubt he was thinking of the good old days when he used to come here with others his age. Now he was left alone. Rahul thought of the Old man’s loneliness. He wished that the old man would get free of all this.

Rahul plowed ahead. As he neared the Air India building, he saw a couple coming towards them. They didn’t see him of course, he was invisible to them. In fact, they walked right through him. They were holding hands and for all practical purposes they were lost to the world. Gazing dreamily into each others hands, they dreamt of the dream unfulfilled. Well, Rahul mused, they were together at last.

At the next intersection, Rahul saw the policeman. With the omnipresent danda in his hand, he was very watchful. Waiting for any untoward activity. No one paid him any respect nowadays. Previously, people used to be afraid of his sight. No pickpocket would dream of doing his work if the policeman was around. But things had changed. He was no longer the same guy.

The Chana-seller was also there in the same spot. Chanas had always been a big draw on Marine Drive. On most days he would run out of Chanas by late evening. He did a healthy business for a long time. Rahul detected a sadness on the Chana-seller’s face. Business was not like before. In fact, it had been a long time since anyone had bought Chanas from him. And yet he persisted, coming to the same spot everyday, carrying his burdens.

Rahul Sighed, life wasn’t easy even after death. People thought they will get mukti and freedom from all the worldly worries after their death. But he knew that death does not give you any freedom. He had seen numerous instances. After all he had a unique ability : the ability to see Ghosts.


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