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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Please Dont watch Fanaa

Some movies are hyped so much that the expectations become just too much . While all publicity is good, the movie then has to live up to the expectations. Sadly, Fanaa doesnt even come close. While it is not a bad movie , it certainly is not a good movie . The movie just didn't work for me. I am a huge Aamir Khan Fan but Fanaa just wasn't close to his best . Some of the glaring flaws in the movie

- There is no character building at all. Rehaan comes across as very confused sort of fella. For an intelligent super-terrorist , he commits some really stupid things.

- Kajol as a blind girl just doesn't strike a chord . I agree this was her comeback and all but you only have to look at Rani in Black to see a blind girl

- The song picturisations are rubbish . Many people in the theater chose to have a pepsi or go to the loo when songs were playing.

- Does Kajol become deaf after her eye operation ? She doesnt recognise the voice of her lover even after she spends some time with him

- Rishi Kapoor's death scene is comical

- Satish Shah, the Nanaji characters seem to be there just to fill some time

- the 2nd half is interminable

- the Anti-terrorist squad is comical to say the least

- at the end you have no sympathy either for Aamir or KAjol . Because i think that both of them failed to connect

- Everything comes across as very stereotypical . Nothing different .

- The Film is not at all gripping .

loads of other things but these are just what come to my mind.

- The child artist and his "Deadman" things become highly irritating after some time

- The Shayari in the first half grates after a while

In short, if you have 150 bucks to spend i would suggest you to spend them elsewhere. Watch Gangster, compare it with Fanaa and see the difference.


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