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Monday, August 07, 2006

The Imitators

Are Indians the biggest imitators on earth . How much of our culture and heritage do we really know .More importantly , what is our identity ? Are we the Indians who speak our mother tongue at home , or are we the Imitators who talk in a Yank accent even in our houseolds ? I think the next few questions should give us an answer -

1. Do we think in our mother tongue (or even Hindi for that matter ) ?
2. What is the medium of instruction in our school , college or Institute ?
3. What language am i more comfortable reading ?
4. Do i quench my thirst with Coke, Pepsi or with Chaach , lassi , nimbupani ?
5. Are my favorite hangouts Barista , Subway and McDonald ?
6. Do i wear anything other than Nike, Adidas , or Reebok ?
7. Do I listen to English Songs more than Hindi Songs ?
8. Do i prefer Hollywood movies to Hindi Movies ?
9. Do i use expressions such as "Chill Dude" , "Lets hangout " , "rock the party, man" ?
10. Do I think that Philip Kotler is Marketing God ?
11. Are my preferences shaped by American media ?

These and many other questions might help in really thinking about your identity ! I confess that I seem to have lost mine .


  • Hey Phooka...nice to c u bak..
    newaz,the interrogations which u have raised are very much valid..I dunno whether v r gud at mimicry or not but I know one thing that v Indians are very gud at proclaiming things and in addition to that,v are at the gud height of doing the things contrary to what v proclaim..:)

    By Blogger Harry, at August 10, 2006 1:02 PM  

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