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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Rang De Basanti

I find it hard to like Hindi Movies that are being made for the last 10 years or so. I cant stand the kind of unrealistic chocolate coated crap that Yash Chopra and Co come up with . I like watching this movies that impact my soul . You know those which "Jo andar se choo jaati hai " . Rang de Basanti is such a movie . It shook me right to the core of my soul . Am i a patriotic person ? What is the definition of my patriotism ? Is it just about standing to attention when the national anthem is playing ? Is it just about supporting the Indian Cricket team ? I fear that for majority of people ( including me ) , that holds true .

All of us crib about the conditions we live . About this "system " . But none of us has had the courage to do something about it . I myself am an cultprit . I have never thought about changing the system .Maybe i do not have enough courage . Maybe i am content to sit back and let the world go on. But i cannnot help but find a just cause in the way Aamir and his freinds react . The justness and moral issues of the actions are not relevant. Its the message that the movie conveys is important . And I find the ending perfectly fitting. Any other ending would have made the film less effective. It is when we react with shock to their deaths that we realize how passionate was the cause which they took up.

The movie builds up an atmosphere that is electrifying. I find getting shivers when Soha ali says " Maar Daalo usko " ! All the threads in the movie combine brilliantly in the end. I thought that Cyrus Sahukar's role was irrelevant, but it turnded out ot be the crucial in the climax. The juxtapositioning of the Past and the present was awesome. The scene where the friends plot the revenge , when each character is alternated by his alter ego in past is one of the most brilliant movie scenes i have ever seen . The entire cast has performed briliiantly. I also marvel at how Rakeysh Mehra overcame the temptation of Making Aamir the centre of the movie. In Rang De Basanti, The story is the winner . After Lagaan, this is the first Hindi Movie that has impacted me so much. But more so in case of Rang De Basanti becasue i could identify with the characters. When Sukhi complains about the system, it could have been me talking .

This movie may not prompt me to Do anything drastic, but it has made me think. And that is where i think RDB is a winner. IT will make the viewers think ! Hats off to the entire cast and crew !!


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