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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Pledge for Blank Noise

I dont know whether the Blank Noise Project will bring about some mounmental change or not. Frankly, i think it is diffiult . With all the efforst that we bloggers are taking, it might never reach mainstream media . But this is a BEGINNING . Today we have 500 bloggers in this . Out of this even if only a few learn to give respect to girls and change their minds about this issue, then the BNP has DONE something . Things will change . A change in mindset is always the most difficult thing to bring about . It cant be done overnight . But a start is made . It is upto all of us in BNP to not let go of this . To make sure that BNP always remains on top of our minds. To make sure that we get this to as many people as we can. To make sure that we bring more and more such atrocities against women to light . To make sure that women get their dserved place in this society . To make sure that girls can walk without fear in our country . To make sure that we have done something good in our live. Lets all make this pledge for Blank Noise Project.


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