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Thursday, February 23, 2006

To Hell and Back !!

I made my last post on a day when i was feeling very down and out. Surely, it could not get any worse . But i was to be proven wrong !! Feb 11 to Feb 23rd have been like a nightmare. Projects, Quizzes, Assignements, EndTerms all went by in a blur of books, xeroxes, slides, Notes . Sleep was a luxury which i could ill afford. A cumulative sleep of 50 hours in these 12 days is what i got (Of couse the problem being compunded my singular inability to sleep in the afternoon and a very bad cold which hindered my night snooze). But blurry , puffy eyes and numerous headaches later, here I am , having survived the toughest 20 days of my life.

I have never worked harder, never cursed Profs this much , never more envied those who dont care about grades, than in these 20 days . The work was back-breaking .The temptation to leave evrything to fate was very strong. But i Held on . If only I would have studied at the beginning of the term. Sadly I suffer from the natural Engineering habit of not studying since the beginning. MBA at SJMSOM is not for the weak-hearted . But out of this , comes a feeling of having done what i would have thought impossible a year ago . It is amazing how you find the internal strength to survive against all odds. My willpower remained my true friend and saw me through .
Now just wanna close my eyes and sleepppppppp.........:)


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