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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Pervert's Holi !

Tomorrow is Holi - the festival of colours. It is the time everyone celebrates with a dash of colours and loads of enjoyment. Cast, creed, religion is forgotten and people celebrate in a true spirit of community . But there is a dirty underbelly of Holi . The festival of colour takes on a totally different meaning for the PERVERT . Yes the same pervert against whom the Blank Noise Project is . The same pervert who thinks nothing of groping and fingering innocent girls . Lets call him X.

For X, Holi presents a great opportunity . For starters, it gives him a chance to actually TOUCH girls in public without any qualms. Come on, X is just applying some colur to the girl's cheeks . Whats the harm . But was that touch a tad too long . Did his hands go where normally you would not apply the colour ? But she ignores it in the spirit of Holi ? Or does she ? Well i dont really know . But for X this is like manna from heaven . Now he has not one but several victims available conviniently . The Holi parties are even better . There are so many people out there that no one really bothers to know who is colouring you . Won't X love to be at such a place . Can we really know who is genuinly applying colour and who is a X in disguise ? I am sure all of us have seen these X's at work . The uninvited guest , the distant relative, someone's friend's friend - X comes in all avatars . And you really have no way of knowing . For us Holi is a day for enjoyment and fun . For X , the feast has just started .


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